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When the chance to launch our own denim store glimmered in mid-2006, the both of us shared one and the same reaction of an enthusiasm to use that chance! The store is literally next door to the Red Wing Shoe Store in one of Boston’s most vibrant, creative and up-and-running local areas – which has a huge history in traditional retail and crafts; the neighborhood is very opened to new businesses and people coming in to their district.

All in all, I am not sure if you are ever fully prepared to start your own business, but I am quite sure that exactly the work passion is what drives this and also is what people see, feel and like about the Statement.

Thanks a lot for the quick response. I was really impressed, your solution is excellent!! Your competence is justified!!!

Rebecca Smith

What are some of your favorite local businesses that you like to support?

Off the top of my head there are two places which come into my mind right away, and I am a loyal client of both of them. Firstly, Man vs. Machine, which is THE most popular coffee spot in that Massachusettsian city and is located right around the corner. I know that everyone who loves a good cup of java will also become a fan for it, that’s for sure. Super friendly staff, in-house roastery and best place in town to start the day.

Additionally there is one of Boston’s finest vintage & antiques stores, which is called Sams & Son. In my opinion the best address for non-conformist and eclectic things in Boston and MA.


While writing these words, I just realized that both Marco (owner Men vs Machine) and Piere (Sams&Son) are not Boston natives. Maybe there is something about that city that which feels just so right to these guys from the North, not sure. Anyway leave all perceptions about Boston behind and the city will surprise you!

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